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Acorn Wood

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Independent Day School (DfE Registered January 2021)

North Shropshire

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Welcome to Acorn Wood, we are a small, Independent Day School located within the rural farming hamlet of Coton in North Shropshire. 

Acorn Wood provides education under Section 98 of the Education and Skills Act 2008, for children between the ages of 5 and 13 years (Under 11 upon admission). 

We are a school with SEN inclusion, trauma healing and social and emotional connection at the heart of our academic vision. 

Our education pedagogy places intrinsic value and importance upon the benefits of the natural environment and the interconnectedness between health, well-being, being outside and being in, or with nature.  

Our school setting promotes the importance of emotional safety, sensory integration and social inclusion for all children. We achieve this through the value that we place upon our attachment to nature, nurture and the world around us.

As a school community, we are culturally considerate, psychologically informed, unconditionally inclusive, and welcoming of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. Our curriculum is thematically designed, and takes into account the National Curriculum, whilst not being bound by its requirements. 

These four broad areas provide an overview of the range of pupil needs that might be included in our school, or considered at the referral stage:

  • Cognition and social interaction needs 

  • Cognition and learning needs 

  • Social, emotional and mental health needs

  • Sensory and/or neurodevelopment needs 

The following needs are not considered to be SEND, but the school recognises that they might impact on a child’s access to education, academic progress and attainment:

  • Anxiety, stress and emotional distress

  • Being a child adopted from care 

  • Being with kinship carers or guardian/s

  • Separation, grief and loss 

  • Being a child separated from siblings 

  • Developmental trauma 

  • Mental ill health 

  • English as an Additional Language

  • Unmet attachment needs 


We aim to provide an individualised and child-centred learning experience. Our thematic curriculum is bespoke and tailored to meet the individual needs and interests of each child. The curriculum structure and design are differentiated across three stages, which typically reflects learning from Pre-National Curriculum to Level 2, spanning Key Stage 1, 2 and 3. 
Children are not allocated to classes based upon their Key Stage, which is the traditional method of group allocation for schools, but based upon their social, emotional, developmental and communication stage. 
Learning is planned and differentiated to support individual needs and the needs of the whole child will be taken into consideration during the assessment and planning phase. 


Our admission arrangements for all pupils are in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. This includes children with any level of SEND; those with an Education, Health and Care Plan and those without. 

Pupil Support

All pupils attending Acorn Wood benefit from high staff to pupil ratios to ensure that nurture, routine, safety, containment, trust and predictable boundaries are woven through every naturalistically occurring interaction. This approach promotes academic engagement and supports social and emotional progress. Fees may vary according to each pupil individual requirements. 

Where 1:1 pupil support is required, the  fee will be considered on a sliding scale, in line with pupil need and associated cost at the referral stage. 

Fees available upon application or via the Ofsted link provided below. 

Contact Us 

Please contact us directly to arrange a telephone discussion or a preliminary school visit. 
Principal Trustee: Sarah Morgan 
Mobile: 07968 086169 
(Term Time and Holiday Contact Details) 

Proprietor: Shropshire Academy and Learning Trust  

Registered Contact Address: Acorn Wood, Watery Lane, Coton, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 3LR

Headteacher: Sarah Morgan BA (Hons), PGDipEd, MCMI, NPQH, M.Psychol, MBPsS

As a DfE registered Independent School we are required to provide the following; 1.Our statement of the schools ethos can be found in our Prospectus: HERE  2. Our policy on Admissions and Attendance can be found HERE 3. Our policy on Relationships and Behaviour for Learning can be found HERE 4. Our policy on Special Educational Needs and Disability can be found HERE 5. Our policy on English as an Additional Lanaguge can be found HERE 6. Our policy on the school's curriculum can be found HERE 7. Our policy on Anti-Bullying can be found HERE 8. Our policy for Health and Safety can be found HERE 9. Our policy on First Aid can be found HERE 10. Our policy for Complaints can be found HERE 11. Our DfE/Ofsted pre-registration report can be found HERE 12. Our Safegaurding and Chlld Protection Policy can be found HERE 13. Our Data Protection Policy can be found HERE 14. Our Accessibility Plan can be found HERE 15. Our policy on Allegations of Abuse Against Staff can be located in our Safegaurding and Chlld Protection Policy found HERE

Referrals and Admissions

Acorn Wood: 01948 880639

Sarah Morgan 07968 086169 

Journal Articles

June 19 - Trauma-Informed School Building Design 

Contact Us

If you would like any further information regarding our registered school, school improvement services, or to schedule a visit or a meeting please contact us on or call Sarah Morgan on; 07968 086169.

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