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Time Capsuled Trauma 2020 – 2040

As teachers, trainers, parents, communities and as a society as a whole tries to adjust to a new ‘normal’, we are swimming against a tide of fear and anxiety, embedded within a time capsule of trauma and experiential learning.
It is our collective experiences that will teach us how trauma-informed, trauma-responsive and culturally sensitive classrooms, communities and connections matter most.
Never again should we focus upon presenting behaviours, without understanding the true feelings that drive our fears.
Relationships are our life raft and our anchor. They offer us both healing and meaning against a storm of uncertainty.
The strength of our humanity, and the power of our relationships, will give us the courage to redirect and reorientate the sweeping tide.
As interconnected and interrelated communities, we have the inner strength, relational tools and the collective courage, to navigate our way back to the safety and friendship of the grounding shore and the golden beaches.
📍Stay Connected.
📍Stay Safe.
📍Stay United.