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The Parenting Apart Training Programme©

The Parenting Apart Training Programme©

We are delighted to announce our training partnership with Claire Field Consultancy Ltd. 

Having worked closely with Claire over the past two years, we have now co-designed the content for The Parenting Apart Training Programme, which has now received nationally recognised and approved Endorsement through One Awards, part of the NOCN Group.

The Parenting Apart Programme is a quality assessed and quality assured programme, offering nationally recognised practitioner certification as a pre-requisite to competency-assessed licensing.

The Parenting Apart Training Programme™ is delivered in conjunction with Shropshire Academy and Learning Trust (SALT), as a registered NOCN and One Awards centre providing nationally recognised, accredited and endorsed training programmes and nationally awarded qualifications.

The Parenting Apart Programme Introductory Letter and Training Overview can be found HERE.

Limited places are available for the initial September training cohort.