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Fostering an educationally excluded child…

A survey carried out by children in care charities Become and Voices From Care Cymru for their report Teachers Who Care calls for better training for school staff to improve their understanding of the distinct needs of children in care, through trauma-sensitive and attachment-informed approaches.
The findings suggest that teacher training and professional development should also consider what care is like for a child or young person and how schools should work with virtual school heads.
Nearly half or those surveyed reported hearing a teacher say that children in care are ‘less academically able’ and 13 per cent had heard a colleague say that it is ‘the child’s fault they are in care’.


1. Are you a fostering family caring for a child or young person who has been permanently or fixed term excluded from school? 

2. Are you connected to a family who may have a child at home waiting for a school placement, or just waiting, wondering and worrying about what will happen next? 

3. Are you concerned that teachers are viewing your child as the ‘difficult child’, ‘the naughty child’, ‘the problem child’, ‘the child who is impulsive’, ‘defiant’ and ‘disrespectful’ to teachers and peers? 

4. How do you tell a child that they can’t return to school, when in effect you are telling them that their school, teacher, headteacher, other parents and class friends don’t want them. 

5. How do you prepare yourself for the familiar and haunted sweep of rejection that crosses their face once more? 

I am regularly hearing and fearing that families who foster often walk a long and lonely path with little support from an education system that is unable to recognise the impact of developmental trauma, separation, grief and loss.

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