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Beyond the Classroom Door

Children don’t build trust-based relationships with teachers who:


Criticise them to the core;

Reject them to isolate;

Blame them to humiliate;

Shame them to embarrass.


If a child in your class or school:


Is not wearing ‘the right’ uniform;

Does not have ‘the right’ haircut;

Is wearing shoes that aren’t polished;

Has trousers that are too short, for ‘your’ rules;

Keeps forgetting their homework;

Doesn’t learn their spellings;

Has turned up late ‘again’.


Please consider this:


‘A growing and developing child needs unconditional adult guidance, respect, trust, and nurture’.


Many children climb the highest of mountains, whilst burdened with a rucksack full of pain and emotional turmoil, just to reach your classroom door.


Please don’t reject them.

Help them by sharing the load;

Maybe carry the rucksack for them;

Just once in a while;

Just until the school day is over…


‘Children build trust in grown-ups when they feel understood, respected, included and loved’.

School is for loving, life and learning. 


Sarah Morgan