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A Teacher is a Beacon of Hope and Certainty in a Cared for Child’s Life …

Schools as a 21st Century Lighthouse.

Inclusive schools emit light from a brain-based system of guiding lamps and illuminating lenses, which serve as a navigational aid for children who may otherwise be without secure connection and a safe relational anchor.

Schools, like lighthouses, are designed to mark and map out the coastlines of land and the contours of life, whilst protecting both sailors and children from the hazardous territory of school exclusion, rejection from employment and removal from society.

The school-house, whilst emitting the brightest light, should provide safe entries to lifelong learning, financial security, health protection and societal inclusion; whilst also assisting in relational and human development, through a compass of safety, and secure lines of community navigation and relational accountability.

Teachers guide our children through the education and learning process, just as the lighthouse guides our sailors away from danger and harm to reach safe shores and calm, still waters.

Teachers have a duty to guide and safeguard our children, whilst lighting up the ocean waves and calming the choppy seas of life.

It is through educational inclusion and unconditional acceptance that children are pointed towards the pathways of life, love, belonging and success, as the distant, but future horizon approaches.

For some children the waves crash higher and fall so much harder. Their paths might be treacherous, choppy, rough and tough, like a sailor wrestling with the stern of a ship, or the heavy chain of an anchor, whilst all the while looking for a guiding light in a sea of change, and a life of uncertainty.

Be the teacher in 2020 that children with brain-based pain so desperately need.