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Promoting the Social Inclusion of Children and Young People

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Meet the Team 

Sarah Morgan 

BA (Hons) PGDipEd, MCMI, NPQH, MSc Psych, MBPSs (Enhanced DBS Clearance) 

Senior Specialist Advisor - Education & Children's Social Care 

Welcome to SALT, a not-profit social enterprise, specialising in services to support Children, Young People, Professionals, Families and Care Givers. 

As the Founder, and Principal Trust Leader, I offer SALT professional and unconditional direction, based on eighteen years of strategic and operational leadership, spanning Education, Health and Children’s Social Care. 

I have gained extensive experience, across multiple settings, inclusive of; Schools, Academy Trusts, Local Authorities, Residential Childcare Settings, Secure Training Centers, Clinical, Counselling and Educational Psychology Services, Youth Offending Teams and Her Majesty’s Prison Service. 

My journey has given me the courage and opportunity, to work with, and alongside, many Children who have suffered from developmental trauma, and early childhood adversity. It is through the demonstration of their courage, determination and emotional resilience, that I am able to offer SALT authentic leadership, and collaborative opportunities, to enhance possibilities, increase potential, and preserve futures for Children and Young People. 

Carol Owen 

BA, MA (Ed), PGDipEd, NPQH, PQSI (Enhanced DBS Clearance)

Associate Senior Specialist Education Advisor (SSEA) 

Carol is a qualified education professional who has operated in a variety of strategic positions in both the public and private sectors, predominately in supporting vulnerable children and families access education.

Carol has managed large teams, is a qualified head teacher (NPQH) and has supported Local Authorities to undertake strategic reviews. Carol has worked on large transformational projects, tasked to enable improvements in specific sectors, inclusive of; alternative provision, pupil referral units, safeguarding reviews and quality assurance frameworks.

In recent roles Carol has reported to The Director of Children’s Services (DCS) and responded positively to inspection preparation. She has supported numerous groups in submitting successful bids to the DfE to open free schools – with a professional focus upon specialist schools and alternative provision. 

As a qualified OFSTED Inspector (PQSI), Carol offers SALT her professionalism and expertise in support of our social aim.


Nusrat Janjua

CIM Dip Marketing, BA (Hons) Economics (Enhanced DBS Clearance)

Associate Senior Business Advisor; Children's Social Care

Nusrat is a creative, solution focussed senior children's social care advisor spanning education, health and children's social care. He provides guidance and direction to senior leaders at a strategic business level, whilst also offering business development and consultancy support to sector leading organisations.

As an independent advisor, Nusrat works with local authority commissioners and independent providers of children's services across the U.K. He offers a personal and individualised approach, specifically developed to support a nationwide independent referrals and placement service.

Nusrat has built a close relationship with providers and local authority commissioners, in support of high quality placements and targeted commissioning outcomes for Children Looked After. He mostly specialises in the placement identification of children with SEMH, multiple complex needs and those with high levels of vulnerability. 

With strong ethical values and a firm belief that the primary needs of children should inform the most appropriate placement, within a robust framework of social work assessment, Nusrat is also realistic in his undertstanding and recognition that the issue of cost for commissioners cannot be ignored within the tight parameters of local authority budgets.

As an advocate for the provision of high quality, caring, stable and nurturing homes for Children Looked After, Nusrat offers SALT sector knowledge and experience in support of our social aim. 

Alternative Learning Pathway

SALT works with Children, Schools and Families, in a proactive and positive way, building capacity and confidence to problem-solve identified areas of need, and to offer proactive intervention at an early stage.  

Our ‘In Reach’  and ‘Out Reach’ packages are co-designed to provide tailored and bespoke services, on a 1:1 or small group basis, ensuring that the most appropriate intervention, and child focused strategy, is created to offer positive outcomes for Children and Young People, and to offer practical support to those involved. 

We recognise that Children’s needs and circumstances can vary greatly. We offer our assurance that Children are responded to from a 'needs-led' perspective, and that the SALT approach focuses its strategy on the individual expression of Children's emotional behaviour, to support and promote social, emotional and academic inclusion.

Return Interviews

SALT offers a unique, impartial and fully Independent Return Interview Service for Childcare Providers and Local Authority Commissioners.

Our comprehensive Safe Return Framework, offers childcare providers, and placing authorities, the confidence that Children and Young People are being offered a high quality Independent Missing Return Interview to strengthen safeguarding arrangements and identify any immediate risk to the child, in support of the specified '72 hour' compliance timeframe. (DfE:2014:14) RMFHC Guidance.

SALT recognises that running away is a ‘Key Indicator’ that something is not right in a child’s life. Our Safe Return Matrix and comprehensive interview process, has been sensitively informed, and professionally developed, to consider the root cause of the missing episode/s, and to offer the child a dynamically differentiated approach to active engagement and consultation. 

Through the application of motivational and strengths-based approaches, SALT practitioners are able to offer an inclusive, child centered and practice based interviews, whilst working alongside the child or young persons’ willingness, and ability to cognitively engage with a difficult and often emotionally sensitive process.  

Our professionally competent interviewers, have extensive experience in supporting Children and Young People with Social, Emotional, Behavioural Difficulties (SEBD) and Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). 

Children and Young People can be invited to contribute to the development of their own SMART Return Action Plan, to encourage ownership and active engagement, alongside our Post Missing Intervention Programme. This service can be commissioned as a Safe Return Package, to provide follow-up and tailored support for Children and Young People.

Our bespoke and CPD accredited training module ‘Is it the Child, or the Environment?’ also provides professionally developed opportunities for caregivers and care providers to consider the environmental influences that might be affecting the child’s placement stability. For further information on our Missing Return service click here: Return Interviews 

Targeted Support and Early Intervention

SALT's Targeted Support and Early Intervention offer, ensures that Children and Young People are supported to access the curriculum, through a creative, tailored and developmentally sensitive programme of early help. 

We provide a clear focus on preventative approaches, through a needs-led and tailored support offer, which aims to reduce the need for specialist services or expensive outsourced provision. 

Through a relationship based approach, we really get to know each Child and Young Person, and the associated needs of the school, families and/or caregivers. Our bespoke intervention model, can be offered to achieve positive outcomes for children's social, emotional and academic development, and most importantly their future life chances. 

SALT recognises that targeted and supportive intervention is an essential element of a safe and contained environment, allowing for all Children to develop, learn and grow.

Sevices to Children's Homes and Children's Social Care 

SALT is in a unique position, to offer a wide range of services to Children’s Homes and Children's Social Care, through a strengths-based approach to consultancy for senior leaders and staff teams. We work with you, to look collaboratively at what people within organisations 'can do' with their existing skills, resources and abilities. Once existing organisational strengths have been co-established, we tailor solutions to focus on your priority area for development.

We achieve this with you through;

Strategic Organisational Support | Professionally Tailored CPD | Induction Planning | Independent Investigation Solutions |Troubleshooting Advice | Safeguarding Audits | Guidance Regarding Staff Recruitment and Staff Retention |

We are also able to offer sensitive, advice and support to organisations that are required to submit Individual Management Reviews (IMR’s) as part of The Serious Case Review (SCR) or Partnership Review Process. We offer a 'signposting support service' for organisations requiring access to external counselling and psychology services, to support staff teams through times of organisational difficulty.

Our service is independent and offers impartial advice, with a clear focus on systemic support to improve outcomes for Looked After Children and Young People, whilst building capacity and robust auditable processes for the service provider. 

The following packages of support have been developed to complement our Children's Social Care offer:

Our Services

Schools, New Schools and Academies

We are able to work collaboratively alongside Schools, New Schools and Academies, to offer support packages based on the SALT service aims, which offer early intervention opportunities, that are co-delivered to build capacity and school-connectedness. 

SALT offers whole school approaches to inclusion, through the early identification of need, and the offer of preventative approaches tailored to support the individual child or young person, through a systems leadership approach. 

The SALT programme of delivery is informed by our service aims: 

Safeguarding Children and Young People | Preventing the need to exclude or reject Children in Need | Including all from the start | Intervention to avoid the need for Statementing | Early Help and creative access to learning for all children | Support for Policy, Planning and Preparation 

We offer support to schools so that they are empowered to build capacity, access consultation and seek early help, whilst delivering child focussed support packages.

SALT offers relationship-based practice, which is responsive to current and emerging needs and priorities. Our approach is reflectively informed to support schools, stakeholders, families and more centrally the Children and Young People that we put first. 

Our needs-led service, is co-created and informed by key partners, through an evidence-based offer to promoting social inclusion, through sensitive, effective and unconditional intervention.

Fostering Agencies, Foster Families and Post Adoption Support

SALT offers strategic and systemic consultancy and specialist training for Independent Fostering agencies, and training solutions for both Local Authority and Independent Foster Carers. We offer a range of high quality and tailored programmes of support, delivered through accessible learning opportunities, from a very practical and engagingly creative delivery perspective. 

Our high quality training focuses on the key principles of nurturing, containing and sustaining an unconditionally inclusive home environment for Children and Young People that have experienced trauma, harm and neglect on an emotional, social and physical level. 

We are keen to work with you to create and deliver the most effective and appropriate training solutions through a bespoke model of support, cross referenced with the 'Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care in England'.

Specialist Services 

SALT offers value based, professional and appropriate interventions through our flexible consultancy offer to: 

Schools | Children’s Homes | Free Schools | Alternative Provision | 14 -19 Training Services | Early Years Settings | Independent Fostering Agencies | Independent Schools | Post Adoption Families | Local Authorities |

The SALT service offer is tailored to meet your organisational needs and priorities as an education and/or childcare provider, and the needs of the Children and Young People that you care for, teach and work with.

We provide high quality, appropriately written records in support of our services, and to ensure that settings and schools have clear evidence trail for Ofsted, School Proprietors, Directors, Governors and Legal Board Members. 

We have clearly defined recording and reporting systems to support tracking, evidence and impact.

Pupil Premium can support and contribute to the funding of the evidence-based and specifically tailored SALT service offer. 

Education Endowment Foundation - Toolkit

Capacity Building - Training 

Developed, Devised and Delivered by qualified teachers and experienced trainers, who have a thorough understanding of the important principles of teaching and learning. SALT offers a range of training courses designed to offer flexibility and the opportunity to build capacity within teams.

SALT Key Learning Objectives: 

  • To build better links between professionals to support Families, Children and Young People
  • To offer tailored made services to proactively support social, emotional and educational opportunities for Children and Young People that are Looked After
  • To promote a continuous cycle of curious questioning, reflection and creative learning for all participants
  • To provide opportunities for evaluation and reflection to enhance learning outcomes 

Quality Assurance

As a Not-for-Profit learning Trust, SALT is committed to promoting and maintaining high standards of service, and professional delivery through our value-based service offer. 

We are committed to working with partnership agencies, that promote similar ethics and values to our own. Our ‘Putting Children First’ approach ensures that those Children and Young People with the greatest of need can access our services at the right time. 

SALT has a clearly defined and co-ordinated approach to ensuring that a continuous and reflective evaluation cycle monitors our impact and ultimately enhances our service objectives. 

Governance, compliance and risk management procedures are central to our service development. 

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